Alexandra's Divine Doggies' Policies

If we all know where we stand then we'll be off to a good start

Alexandra's Divine Doggies wants to ensure that we provide a happy, safe and secure environment for your dogs and our staff. The health and safety of all dogs is of vital importance and therefore we kindly ask that you take the time to to read and understand our policies.

Before Your Treatment

Before we can provide any treatment, we ask that you attend for a consultation prior to your first treatment so that we can assess your dog, and can complete a client record file for our records. Please have ready the following information: dog's month and year of birth, registered vet name and number, your mobile phone number for quick contact, any health problems e.g. disorders, disabilities, health problems. If your dog does have any particular health concerns, please let us know on the phone as I can book a longer appointment time if necessary. If your dog does have a particular condition this means I can customise the groom even more for your special friend. The consultation is normally scheduled onto the front of your first appointment and usually only takes 10-15 minutes, a first time consultation is very important, so please arrive on time.
Alexandra's Divine Doggies reserves a dedicated time period/slot for your dog. When an appointment is forgotten or cancelled without providing enough notice we are unable to rebook that appointment time to another client. If you need to cancel an appointment please call the salon on 01425 837277. If you wish to cancel your appointment outside normal working hours please leave a voicemail providing your name, dogs name, time and date of appointment. Alternatively please send an email using the contact form (Click here for form). We will follow up with you by phone during salon hours. Our groomer's time is specifically set aside for your pooch so we cannot provide any exceptions to this policy and the following fee’s will apply :–
- We do not charge for cancellations or rebookings where there has been more than 48 hours notice.
- If you cancel or rebook with less than 48 hours but more than 24 hours notice we will levy a 50% charge of the treatment cost.
- If you do not arrive, cancel or rebook on the day of the appointment you will be charged the full booked treatment amount.
- If you have missed a previous appointment you will be required to pay in full when booking for any future treatment.
Any cancellation or rebooking fee’s must be paid in full before you can rebook your next appointment. If you need to rebook an appointment please call the salon on 01425 837277. If you have received a text message appointment reminder please do not respond to the text to rebook an appointment.
If you are new to the salon and you sadly missed your first appointment, we may ask for a deposit prior to any further appointments being made, should you then not arrive for this treatment the payment is non-refundable.
Toileting Your Dog:
We kindly ask that you take your four legged friend for a little walk and a toilet stop before coming into be groomed. A full bladder or bowel can be very uncomfortable for a dog whilst it is being groomed. Please ensure that your pet has been toileted before bringing them to the spa. If your dog toilets during their treatment which results in extra materials and time being incurred then an additional cost of £5 will apply. If it means your dog needs to be re-washed, then the further time will be charged for accordingly, assuming we can still carry out a full groom.
Late drop offs and arrivals:
Please try to be as punctual as possible for your appointment. If you are late arriving, wemay no longer be able to carry out a full groom, so a wash and fluff may then be the next best option or to reschedule but you will still be liable for the full cost of the grooming slot.

During Your Treatment

It is in the best interest of the dog to have a full clip down service for severe matting. Under the Animal Welfare Act only a maximum of 15 minutes of de-matting can be carried out. If we have not discussed the clip down service in our consultation, then wewill speak to you, or call you about your dog's coat condition before the clip down service is started.
We understand that the time and costs associated with dematting are unpredictable and subject to the condition of the dog. Therefore werecommend the dog visits every 4-6 weeks between grooms (depending on breed) and will advise on any personalised treatment for you both, to make sure all future grooms are a happy experience. For every 1/2 hour given to clipping off your dog's coat, there will be an additional £10 charge.
Dogs that need more TLC:
Please let us know of any health concerns, disorders, disablilites, infections, etc. The more we know the more helpful wecan be to personalise the service for your dog. For any severe health concerns, weam very happy to discuss on the phone and to accomodate as best we can. We do allow a longer groom time for elderly dogs, as they need a sit down and water break.
Aggressive/badly behavioured dogs:
We expect you to be honest with us concerning any aggressive tendencies. You can advise us before any treatment if your dog is likely to be aggressive so we can take any precautions necessary. We reserve the right to stop the groom and you will be charged £20. If the dog is at any risk of inflicting injury to itself or me, then we will no longer groom your dog.
We will not groom a dog with fleas, as the health and safety of my other canine clients is a top priority. If you discover fleas on your dog please treat them prior to visiting the spa. Your appointment can be rescheduled for 2 weeks after your dog has undergone flea treatment.
It is my duty to make sure your dog is parasite free, so we will inspect the dogs behaviour and skin. If there is evidence of fleas on the dog we will assess the severity and may send them home even without finishing the groom and there will be a £20 treatment charge. Should your dog be brought to us with an infestation which is discovered after the groom has started and we feel that fleas may have contaminated the salon, a £10 surcharge will be made for time and materials required to eliminate fleas, thoroughly disinfect and deep clean the salon, equipment, bedding and towels which require separate bagging and laundering.
Please let us know your vet's name, location and phone number at the consultation on your first time arrival. If your dog is poorly or has a fit or unusual excretion, we will call your vet and get an emergency appointment or if we cannot get them to your vet, we will take them to another. We will of course contact you as soon as possible, to let you know the details but we will put the welfare of your dog first.
Treatment Curtailment:
We reserve the right to curtail the treatment if your dog is taking an exceptionally long time to groom due to its condition or behaviour. This will only be where we have another dog booked in immediately afterwards and your dog is impacting of that dog's appointment. We will gladly finish off your dog at the next available opportunity.
Treatment Abandonment:
We reserve the right to abandon the groom due to unruly behaviour, adverse medical conditions or dangers posed to dog or groomer.

After The Treatment

Late pick ups and collection:
Please collect your dog when advised. If you are late picking up, each half hour is £5 extra, as we have to look after your dog whilst you are away and this can sometimes stresses out your dog and the next dog, making it more difficult to groom.
If you are not happy:
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your groom. Should you not be completely satisfied with the treatment received, please let us know within 2 working days so we can do our best to rectify it. Pet owners' satisfaction is very important to us and we take great pride in our service and want to ensure both you and your dog leave Alexandra's Divine Doggies happy.
If your dog has had a clip down service, this may expose underlying skin conditions. These include, but are not limited to: itchiness, skin redness or self inflicted irritations/abrasion from excessive external rubbing. A clip down service on a severely matted dog, can be very stressful, no matter how gentle we are, Your dog may have an upset tummy due to high stress and anxiety levels creating more acid in the tummy.

General Policies

If your dog has any allergies to food, or fragrances, we ask that you would let us know in the consultation or over the phone. We use Earthbath products. One of our products is a hypoallergenic shampoo and grain free. Earthbath can even be used on puppies as young as 6 weeks old. They are very gentle on the skin, but still smell gorgeous and still leave the coat, clean and silky.
Plucking and Glands
We do not pluck ears or relieve anal glands. If we notice any health problems in these areas we will of course inform you so you can ask your vet for further guidance.